“Lauren was a virtual stranger to me when she let me sob on her shoulder at an Inner Bonding seminar.  Lauren was assisting at the seminar, and it was my first exposure to Inner Bonding.  The emotional floodgates opened for me during one of Margaret Paul’s talks and, for some reason, I walked up to the front of the room after the session was over and started sobbing on Lauren’s shoulder.  I’m sure she said some wise, comforting things, but mostly I just remember that I asked her if she worked with clients and she gave me her phone number.  I returned home and tried to ‘manage’ things on my own for a while longer — mostly relationship issues that were very out of balance — until the day came that I had to call Lauren.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  Lauren is wise, compassionate, intuitive, calm, and divinely-guided.  She has gently walked me through each session, allowing me to become acquainted with the inner child I abandoned so long ago, the wounded self that was forced to take control for most of my life, and the loving adult that had seemed to be missing.  She helps me invite divine guidance in to, well, GUIDE me — all parts of me.   Working with Lauren over the course of a few months has brought insights and healing that I had not gained through graduate work in psychology, hours and hours of sessions with several therapists, lots of self-help books, and many years in a 12-step recovery program.  I’m finding more happiness and peace in many areas of my life, and I feel like I am on a good path.  Layers of shame, guilt, and self-loathing have been peeling away.  My inner family is becoming bonded, and Lauren is our honorary cousin.  Thank you, Lauren!!”
Melissa, Tennessee


“I believe Lauren is a truly gifted healer. Lauren’s intuitive and gentle technique helped me release memories that had shaped my view of myself and the world and had been locked inside me for over 40 years.  Her kind and compassionate way of being quickly created a safe environment.  She then gently guided me to revisit the memories, figuratively ‘holding me’ while helping me to give my younger self a safe place to be able to ‘tell my story’ and to feel the sadness and hurt I had been carrying within me all my life. She helped me give love and understanding to that younger version of me, and compassion for how hard it must have been.  The effect has been a feeling of calmness, peace and freedom.   I highly recommend Lauren!”
Pam, Alberta, Canada


“Lauren has absolutely changed my life. She has helped me understand and accept myself in such a deep and meaningful way. She has helped me with every area of my life and through very hard times and topics. She is beyond compassionate and has taught me so much that I can use every day. I just can’t say enough about her and the Inner bonding process. I wish everyone could experience the magic of connecting with all the parts of themselves – the world would be a much better place – but for now, my world is a better place.”
Amy, Kentucky


“Lauren has a beautiful paced way about her. She is very gentle and keeps progress in the direction that I want to go. Lauren begins with gentle meditation so that I am cleared and centered. She has a soft relaxing voice which is very calming to the spirit. Gentle, calm, and reassuring – a participant but Lauren does not intrude on my conversation with myself. The meditation helps me to perceive and allow things that I want to address. And hearing my inner child,  loving adult, and wounded aspects of myself. Lauren is very good at helping me to explore where my feelings may be from so that I can shine the light of truth on them. The self-dialogue… she facilitates very well but at the same time allows me to do the work. Lauren is an excellent guide and I end every session with great exploration, peace, and gentle loving actions for myself.  I would recommend Lauren to anyone.”
Ronie, Maryland