Inner Bonding® was developed by Dr. Margaret Paul and Dr. Erika Chopich.  It is a psycho-spiritual coaching model and self-healing process that teaches people how to love themselves, create their own inner safety, cultivate a kinder, more compassionate relationship with themselves, and develop a deep connection with the Divine Light within and their personal source of Spiritual Guidance.   

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Through the 6-step process of Inner Bonding®:

We learn that we have an Inner Child, which is the feeling part of us, who we are when we were born… the precious, innocent aspect of us, full of love, joy, wonder, innate wisdom, imagination, deep feeling, playfulness, natural gifts, passion, and purpose.  It’s the part of us that existed before we had experience, before rational thought and experience disconnected us from Spirit.  It's the aspect of ourselves through which our Divine nature expresses.

We learn that we have a wounded self, also known as our ego, conditioned self, false self, or wounded self parts.   The wounded self is the part of us that learned to protect us from a very young age in response to the painful circumstances and events of life.  Through Inner Bonding, we can uncover the meanings we attached to these experiences and the conclusions we drew about ourselves which live on in our unconscious mind as false beliefs that run our behaviors and determine the way we show up in the world.  We can learn how to make the unconscious conscious and how to get in touch with and care for these aspects of ourselves that are playing different roles to protect us and help us navigate through life.

We learn how to develop an inner Loving Adult that is capable of tending to those wounded, conditioned aspects of the self with kindness, compassion, and understanding.  We learn to how to manage our feelings in a loving way, discovering the very good reasons we protect from feeling them, and we develop the capacity to respond from a grounded, empowered, and guided place to whatever is showing up in our lives.   The Loving Adult is the aspect of us that chooses to be in an intention to learn about what is loving and consciously connects with Guidance to bring in the Truth for healing, and to take the loving actions that are in our highest good.  This allows us to create a safe space internally so we’re able to handle anything that is going on inside or outside of us.  We each have the capacity to connect with our own source of Spiritual Guidance for love, wisdom, and direction, and through the Inner Bonding process, we learn how to make and sustain that connection.

As we heal our wounds and false beliefs, and demonstrate love and acceptance to our wounded self, our natural Child-like Self is released and is able to express.  Spirit shines through easily, as It did before our wounded self developed to protect.  The Inner Child can be likened to a beautiful, unique, precious glass vase, and Spirit is the bouquet of Light inside. The wounded self has covered it up in many different ways in order to protect it from harm.  Through Inner Bonding, we’re uncovering, undoing, and removing the layers of protection to reveal the beautiful Child, Love’s Essence, and the exquisite Light radiating inside of us.



“Yielding, surrendering…

              The undoing is the becoming…

                        Grounded in Self, held by Love.”

                 Lauren Riehle