A Droplet of God

A Droplet of God. . .

                   All-Knowing and never-ending
A piece of the Whole...
        The individualized Expression of the One, the All~
Searching...  Never lost.
     Lost from myself perhaps...
Right here in my darkness, there God is.
Right here in my Light, there is God...
     Forever guiding, forever allowing, forever Loving . . .
          The Gentleness always holding me tenderly.
In the Stillness of my Heart, I feel God speak~
     I am with you and all around you...
     Smell Me in the sweet blossom of the iris,
     Hear Me in the soft rustle of the willow,
     Sense Me within as your chest rises and falls with the rhythm of the earth.
     Know Me as your Beloved in the warm embrace of a Friend.
     Remember Me in the moments that take your breath away...
     As you reach, dear One, for the withered hands of the Souls you serve, know that I am
          there in the comfort you give.
     Feel Me in the sweetness of a baby's smile,
     See Me in the brilliance of the sky as the sun makes its descent.
     Taste Me in the freedom of embracing your God-ness and standing in your Truth.
     I am always here, leading you back to your Self...
     Know Me as the One who is expressing as You~
          That your Divine Essence and ~ I Am ~
               One and the Same . . .
How does a Droplet not know it is part of the Vast?
In the Stillness of God, breathe deeply . . . and Know.




1 thought on “A Droplet of God”

  1. Lauren, Wow. This is beautiful! Thank you for this. I love you Lauren. I’m so glad that in this great great journey of all of our souls, that I was on the planet at the same time you were, and that our paths were together for a little while. I know we’ll always be connected. And I’m grateful. Ronie

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