Our Approach

Before discovering Inner Bonding in 2009, I had been on an endless search for that “magic solution” that would help me to feel fulfilled, whole, and at peace. Having struggled with codependency and love addiction for most of my life, I was perpetually looking for something or someone outside of myself to validate me and complete me. I spent years engaged in therapy, life coaching, spiritual classes, experiential workshops, reading personal development books, and learning one technique after another, to no avail. Once I started practicing Inner Bonding, I learned that what I was searching for was already within me and accessible to me at all times.

My life changed dramatically when I learned how to lovingly connect with myself, to courageously face the shadow within, and to connect with Divine Love that now guides my path.

I was part of the pilot program for the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program where I earned my certification as an Inner Bonding Facilitator.  Because I have experienced the life-giving power of the Inner Bonding process, I am passionately committed to teaching this process to others. My intention is to support others in growing into greater loving for themselves and others, re-discovering their intrinsic self-worth, value, beauty, and goodness, tapping into their inner Wellspring of Love and wisdom, and embracing the sacredness and unique blessing of their Inner Journey.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy, as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work with a mental health concentration from the University of Kentucky. Most of my professional work has been in occupational therapy, assisting others in achieving goals for daily living.  I have specialty training in the use of guided imagery as a modality for healing and have completed Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems Therapy.  I am certified as an Inner Bonding Facilitator by the Inner Bonding Educational Technologies Incorporated.


Our Story

As an Inner Life Coach, I specialize in:

  • Helping you to connect with your feelings and live from a more authentic place.
  • Guiding you in navigating through life more fully resourced and more empowered.
  • Assisting you in embracing all aspects of yourself with love and compassion… welcoming all parts of your inner world/ inner experience.
  • Helping you to release limiting beliefs and conditioned, habitual thinking to allow you to access your inner resources, inner strength, and self-responsibility.
  • Teaching you how to live in connection with your Guidance rather than giving your power away to others or looking to others for a sense of validation, love, approval, or safety.
  • Assisting you in having more loving, connected, and harmonious relationships.
  • Supporting you in living a life based in the Sacred.

"To hear Love's Voice is an act of courage.  It is a willingness to hear what you do not know and a willingness to know what you already are."

Voice for Love